Swedish massage

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Allow yourself to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. This massage blends traditional massage strokes with the benefits of massage to provide you with the most soothing experience possible. Not too dark or bright, neither too sluggish nor too quick. It’s exactly right.


The Entire Body Swedish massage is a type of massage that helps the body relax, relieves tight and stiff muscles, increases circulation, and provides a general sense of well-being and equilibrium.

Swedish massage uses a variety of hands-on techniques to break up muscular adhesions, such as gliding, kneading, and cross-fibre friction.

The Swedish massage system is named after Per Henrik Ling, the guy who invented it. He was a physiologist and fencing instructor who devised a movement method that he found useful in enhancing his health and preserving his physical condition.


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The Health Benefits of Massage

Swedish Massage Prices

Swedish Head massage Neck & Shoulder (headache and tension relief)
  • 30 min  R180
  • 45 min  R320
  • 60 min  R300
Swedish Back and Neck massage (relaxation massage)
  • 30 min  R150
Swedish Full Body massage (relaxation massage)
  • 60 min  R350
  • 90 min  R450
Swedish Foot massage (no reflex)
  • 30 min  R150
Hot Stones massage therapy (tension reliever)
  • 90 min   R600

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What to expect from a Swedish massage

It is a well-known fact that Swedish massage can be painful. This can be true depending on the knots present in your muscles. Regardless of the pain, you should go for it to experience the health benefits coming on your way.

A Swedish massage can make you feel relaxed. Moreover, you can take a break from stress with the help of it. It will remove all sorts of wastes and toxins away from your body. You will be able to rejuvenate yourself after the Swedish massage.

During a Swedish massage therapy session, all the areas massaged will be kept covered by a towel. This will ensure warmness of the area and help you to feel comfortable.

Effleurage provides sweeping, long, and gliding strokes, which are administered with hands, forearms, palms, and fists. The smoothing stokes would spread lotion or oil effectively throughout the body. Your massage therapist would evaluate muscle tension during this process.

Petrissage offers kneading, rolling, wringing, and lifting strokes. These motions can assist you to loosen the bound tissues as well as knotted muscles. This would stimulate and increase circulation at nerve endings.

Tapotement refers to a percussion stroke, where the hand of therapist would stimulate nerves and muscles to improve circulation. The position of hand can either be cupped or flat palms. However, some massage therapists tend to use soft fists to offer tapotement.

Vibrations are the shaking, trembling, and rocking movements. They are applied to one limb or to your entire body. It is possible to offer vibrations either slowly or rapidly. No matter what, they can reverberate the surrounding tissues.

Friction provides warming strokes. It will generate quick heat and help you with preparing for deeper work. Friction can also provide therapeutic and healing properties to you. These strokes are offered by rubbing the muscles back and forth with wrangling motion.

Swedish massage is a proven method to overcome pain and promote recovery. Get in touch with us now to receive your Swedish massage therapy from the finest therapists in Johannesburg.